About Us

Between Arts and Crafts

The company was founded in 1992 as a result of our passion for light and over time has come to offer a complete range of furnishings: not only design and production of lighting for indoors and outdoors but also furnishing accessories and decorative objects with a unique style. Realisations in which art and craftsmanship meet, bringing with them the authentic flavour of tradition and a contemporary and refined aesthetic vision. We like to work with our heart and hands: each intervention is carried out in our headquarters by specialised craftsmen who transmit their care, passion and skill to each creation, in a sort of magic that is renewed every day.

Following the customer throughout the creative process, from the idea to the final realisation, being able to provide complex and unconventional solutions is what gives us a competitive edge, making us the ideal partner for important national and international brands.

We work for both the private Home&Living market and the high-end Hospitality sector and collaborate with the world’s leading brands, designers and architectural firms, offering tailor-made solutions that are perfectly suited to the client’s needs.

Taste for Challenges

Our curiosity, vocation for experimentation and taste for challenges lead us every day to search for new materials and unusual combinations, to study original techniques to be combined with the most traditional craftsmanship, to create an exclusive product that makes us proud and our customers happy.

We are convinced that any dream can be turned into reality with the professionalism and know-how acquired through generations of artisans who inspire us and who have shown that anything is possible with passion and determination.

We want to give shape to our customers’ dreams and we know we have done a good job when we present the product and see our customer’s eyes shine…

Emotionally driven to relentlessly improve the customer experience, we test new solutions and always consider innovative ideas and unconventional methods and technologies that go beyond the predictable and ordinary.

The Magic of Details

“Attention to detail” is a somewhat overused expression these days, but for us attention to detail is more than a passion, it is almost an obsession. For our creations, we dedicate ourselves to choosing every single detail, identifying shapes and nuances, changing our minds a thousand times before finding the right way. But the satisfaction of the result always repays us for every effort.

From consoles to sofas, from mirrors to coffee tables, from tables to chandeliers, each element is treated with the utmost care and nothing is left to chance: the choice of top quality materials, the combination of shapes and colours, up to the maniacal care dedicated to the finishing touches to create exclusive items capable of making the environments they inhabit special.

The International Vocation

We are a company rooted in Italian culture and tradition and the most authentic concept of Made in Italy is the principle on which the company was founded and which guides all our choices. But we don’t like to have boundaries and our proposal, which is varied, eclectic and suitable for every style need, is aimed at an international audience, providing a complete service of design, customisation, manufacturing, shipping and assembly, active worldwide.

Always attentive to new trends, we love to mix styles and we are not afraid to dare to create new combinations, taking advantage of precious collaborations with designers from all over the world who confirm how a creative dialogue and the sharing of ideas are always at the basis of the most successful creations.

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