How to Decorate your Entrance Hall: 4 Useful Tips

by | Feb 2023

The entrance to a house is unfortunately often underestimated, whereas we should try to make it as tidy, functional and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

It is in fact the first room a guest sees when he or she enters our house for the first time and, as we know, first impressions always count a lot! An elegant and tidy entrance will immediately put our guests at ease, making them want to enjoy the rest of our home and the time they spend with us.

However, it is also of fundamental importance for our everyday life that the entrance is functional and tidy: having a shelf, good lighting and a place to put the keys, for example, as well as giving an aesthetic touch through the use of decorative objects, will certainly be useful and will make our life easier!

console con lampada

Our Recommendations

A point of support can never be lacking!

Our first suggestion has to do with the point of support, an essential element for any entrance, as we all have objects to store or easily pick up.

We recommend opting for a console table, a piece of furniture which is suitable for any size of entrance (from narrow corridors to open spaces) and which lends itself well to decoration.

In fact, the console allows you to place a practical, easily accessible tray on its top where you can store all your objects and, at the same time, its size allows you to place a table lamp or other decorative objects if you decide to light the entrance with a different type of lamp.

consolle con lampada da tavolo
lampada da terra e tavolo


The lighting of the entrance of the house is one of the most important and delicate choices to make: poor lighting must be avoided at all costs, as it would give the impression of a dark and unfriendly environment, but at the same time an abundance of lights for a relatively small and cosy environment must be avoided.

The choice can be a table lamp, a floor lamp or a wall lamp, depending on the size of the entrance and whether there is natural light.

A floor lamp, leaning against a console, can contribute to the furnishing of the point of support and possibly fill the spaces; a floor lamp is more ideal if the spaces are large, so as to flank the console; the wall lamp is instead indicated if, for example, the entrance is in a narrow corridor, so as to illuminate the environment in a wider and more uniform way.


Keeping your home tidy is always a challenge and it starts at the entrance!

House keys, car keys, coins, other small objects: how much of a mess would we risk creating if we didn’t have a place to put everything we need to take with us when we go out and store when we come home?

Emptying bowls, small vases, centrepieces are all perfect elements to carry out the task we have been talking about: we will have everything at hand, we will keep the house tidy and at the same time we will be able to furnish our entrance!

Lampada a sospensione Kerima


You’ve thought about how to create a place to stand, you’ve illuminated the room with a lamp and you’ve opted for a tidy tray to keep everything tidy. So it’s time to think about how to decorate your hallway!

The first thing you can do is to decorate the console table you have chosen as a support point. Try to use a style that is consistent with the rest of the house, so that the entrance becomes a real calling card of your home: choose a candlestick, a vase with flowers or small decorative objects.

Then take care of the walls, where you can choose a mirror to increase the perceived space or small pictures that are consistent with each other.

Evaluate the space and your needs well to combine them effectively with your aesthetic tastes!

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