How to Light the Bedroom: Our Tips

by | Aug 2022

Bedroom lighting is one of the most important components to consider when planning our home.

You have to take several factors into account when thinking about which lights to use in your bedroom: you have to create a relaxing and intimate atmosphere without forgetting functionality and your own needs, and from an aesthetic point of view, the lamps have to blend well with the rest of the furniture.

Take note of the size of your room, how the space is distributed and be ready to follow our advice!

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Pendant Lamps

The first type of lamp to talk about can only be the pendant lamp, useful both to fully illuminate the room when needed and to give character and style to the environment.

Suitable pendant lamps can really be different: you could opt for a classic style lamp with lampshades capable of giving a more intimate atmosphere, or opt for a lamp with an eclectic and particular style.

First of all, we suggest you choose a lamp that fits in with the style of the furniture, creating synergy or a contrast that must always be well harmonised.

From a more technical point of view we advise you not to exaggerate with the wattage of the lamp, so as not to create an overexposure of light which is ill-suited to the context of the bedroom, and to connect it to a dimmable switch so that you can adjust the intensity of the light.

Wall Lamps

Wall lamps can either be the main lighting point, replacing the pendant lamp, or a complementary light source.

In the first case, the wattage of the lamp and its location must obviously be considered, possibly taking into account the possibility of using more than one lamp to create a well-lit environment without shadow zones.

Should you wish to use wall lights as complementary lighting, we suggest you opt for lamps with lampshades to create an intimate and cosy atmosphere.

Finally, it is very important to consider where to place them: wall lights are perfect both to illuminate an area dedicated to an activity and to highlight any valuable decorations or furnishings you particularly care about.

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Table Lamps

Table lamps are perfect for bedside tables and, as is often the case, you can opt for a pair of twin lamps to be placed on either side of the bed.

Generally, bedside lamps are the last to be switched off before bedtime and can be used to read a book or to provide a relaxed atmosphere to induce a gentle sleep. For this reason, it would be ideal to make them dimmable as well, so that the intensity of the lighting can always be decided.

The styles and types of lamps that can be used can indeed be many, and the guidelines are similar to those used for the previous lamps. However, we suggest you choose lamps with a small stem so as to leave as much space as possible on the bedside table top, so that you can place the objects you need next to you (books, phones, etc.).

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