How to Use Lampshades: Every Lamp Has Its Own!

by | May 2022

Lampshades are among the main components of a lamp and we at Nonsololuce always pay the greatest attention when deciding on their shape, material and style!

Indeed, depending on the lampshade chosen, a room can significantly change its appearance and tone: lampshades with soft, classic tones are well suited to elegant furnishing contexts, while lampshades with bright colours or original graphics lend themselves to more eclectic and modern contexts.

So what functions do we use our lampshades for? Let’s find out together!


As dreamy as a cat looking up at the bright rays of a lamp on the ceiling.

Lampada da tavolo Sylvie

Expressing Elegance and Preciousness

As mentioned above, one of the main functions of a lampshade is undoubtedly that of expressing elegance and preciousness, thus setting a precise tone for the room in which the lamp is placed.

For these types of lampshades one can choose precious materials such as silk or organza, so as to convey at first glance what one wants to communicate in terms of elegance and luxury.

No less important are the decorations and the shape: a conical lampshade is certainly the one best suited to furnishings with a more classic taste, just as plain colours or floral decorations are the most appropriate to achieve the purposes described.

Pictured is our Sylvie lamp, whose lampshades are curled in ivory and fuchsia embroidered silk taffeta with fuchsia velvet trimmings.


Telling a Story

A second way in which lampshades can be exploited is to tell a story and to create a feeling, a sentiment, that will blend well with the lamp as a whole and with the room in which it is placed.

In order to achieve this, particular importance is attached to decorations and possible workmanship such as bows.

The lampshades can in fact be finely and handcrafted designed, thus creating a kind of storytelling which, in combination with the other features of the lamp, succeeds in conveying what the designer wanted to communicate (e.g. peace, tranquillity, the tradition of a bucolic environment).

Pictured is our Brenda pendant lamp, with beautifully decorated toile de jouy fabric shades.

Lampada a sospensione Brenda
Lampada a sospensione Sharon

Dazzling with Graphics and Colours

Last, but certainly not least, is the possibility of using lampshades in an original way, with particular and lively colours and graphics.

For an eclectic ambience, in fact, this kind of lampshade can provide a further disruptive effect, giving character and style that lampshades with a more classic taste would not give.

Animalier graphics and particularly modern taste; bright and unusual colours such as fuchsia or bright red: these are some examples among many possible of how even a simple lampshade can become the absolute star of a room!

Pictured is our Sharon lamp, whose lampshades are in pink and black zebra-skin velvet with black feather trimmings.

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