Lighting: all the trends of 2023!

by | Nov 2022

The year 2023 is just around the corner and it’s time to reveal what the main lighting trends will be!

What will guide the choice of lamps in 2023? Recurring concepts that are eternal in their simplicity: functionality, naturalness and lightness. Lighting is now a mainstay in the furnishing of any home and again this year maximum attention will be given to the relationship between aesthetics and functionality, without losing sight of modern concepts such as green style.

Alongside the recovery of some historical and classic materials such as glass we will therefore see new and lesser-used materials, all coming directly from the world of nature such as Vienna straw.

Let’s now take a look together at the main trends of 2023!

lampada a sospensione george
Lampada a sospensione Vienna

Natural Materials

One of the main trends of recent years is certainly that of respect for the environment and the use of green elements in the creation of lamps and furniture.

We will therefore also see in 2023 a marked increase in lamps made from natural and eco-friendly materials, such as Vienna straw, a vegetable fibre obtained from the Indian reed, whose weave became iconic during the 19th century and is once again inspiring contemporary design.

Recalls to nature will be present not only through the use of specific materials (cork, rattan, wood), but also thanks to the use of a colour palette that recalls the world of nature: green, earth and all the colours useful to create lamps with a natural style.

Finally, we will see the emergence of lamps that will not only recall flowers, plants and vegetation in their decorations, but will even become real plant holders.

The Geometry of Curved Lines

In 2023, geometry and its active use in interior design will also continue to play a key role, especially with regard to curved lines and thus circles, ovals and rings

It has now been proven by science that lines and shapes can have a very strong influence on people’s state of mind, relaxing them or exciting or agitating them depending on what they are looking at.

According to various studies, rounded and soft shapes create a more relaxed and friendly mood in the observer. It is therefore important for product designers to also take these aspects into account in order to achieve the desired result.

Thus, a minimalist, yet highly sophisticated aesthetic will be sought after.

Lampada a sospensione Oval
Lampada a sospensione Wien

The Lightness of Glass

Glass will be one of the great protagonists of 2023, thanks to the most varied uses that its characteristics allow.

There will certainly be a rediscovery and revival of Murano glass, with its use in lamps placed in the most varied environments of the home: above dining tables, in the living room or even in the hallway. Luxury and simplicity for sure impact.

Much importance will also be given to what glass can communicate: lightness and suavity. In fact, glass in its transparent variant will often be used, for example for lamps with a classic or modern taste, such as lamps whose joined lampshades will recall necklaces and jewellery.

Lastly, the use of coloured glass should not be overlooked: colour is, as we know, a fundamental component of all furnishings and its presence in lamps will make lighting a sure protagonist.

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