Magic of Nature meets Illumination

by | Sep 2021

One of the themes that has always fascinated us most is the use of elements from the world of nature in our lamps to create a blend of art, technology and nature.

The challenges were and are many. How to give the impression that leaves, branches and birds could come to life at any moment? Which materials are best suited for this purpose and what processing techniques are needed to realise our designs?

fiori in vetro lucy

Everything you can imagine, nature has already created.


Our first thought immediately went to trees and how their structure could be perfectly used in the design of a lamp.

A typical and characteristic element of chandelier lamps are the arms, which have both a structural and an aesthetic purpose: don’t branches play the same role for a tree?

We have therefore designed a lamp, Brenda, whose arms are nothing more than branches, made of brass tubing: structure and aesthetics once again come together and create a work of art.

Lampada a Sospensione Brenda
Lampada a sospensione Celine


After having made the branches, we had to take care of the leaves to make our tree rich and decorated.

For the leaves, we used two different materials: brass and Murano glass.

For the processing of brass we relied on the talent of our craftsmen, who thanks to their mastery in the technique of chiselling can make incredible decorations and patterns.

What about Murano glass, which we used to make the leaves of our Celine lamp? The most famous and sought-after glass art in the world, born under the Venetian Republic, has never ceased to amaze and enchant the world ever since.

Bunches of Grapes

We imagined a hilly landscape, adorned with rows of vineyards. We stroll between the rows of vines, savouring the scents and sounds of nature, and then pick a grape to savour its sweet taste.

Wanting to convey this feeling of relaxation and complete immersion in nature, we decided to decorate our Mathilde lamp with bunches of grapes, softly hanging from the structure, so as to transport the observer into an oasis of peace.

Murano glass returns here as a splendid protagonist, with shades of colour ranging from green to amber. 

Lampada a sospensione Mathilde
Lampada da tavolo Claude

Little Birds

It is now spring, the sun fills our room with light and a tender bird, perched on its perch and surrounded by leaves and daisies, greets us with its happy song.
Pills of happiness that only our Claude table lamp can provide.

The brass structure, the precious Bohemian crystal daisies and the topaz and crystal spheres make our Claude table lamp a work of art, capable of giving elegance and personality to any environment.

With just a little imagination you can hear the song of our little bird, ready to take flight and fill every room with happy notes.

“I saw happiness and saw that it was a bird on a branch, preparing to take flight.”

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