Between Tradition and experimentation

Entering our production area is like travelling back in time and reliving the atmosphere of the old Italian craft workshops: every stage of the work is carried out by hand, with meticulous care and attention to every detail.

Made in Italy

We are proud of our Made in Italy “know how” handed down through generations, supported by creative flair, research and experimentation in the use of the most advanced techniques and the most sophisticated and precious materials. Hand-cut crystal, beautiful wax-polished marble, precious fabrics and trimmings, translucent brass in the most varied shades: we use only prestigious materials to create unique and timeless objects with a firm international character.

The Art of Chiselling

Experimentation also means combining the most innovative and traditional processes.
The art of chasing is a noble and ancient technique and is the heart of our production.
The chisel is the tool used to create precious textures and decorations by hammering brass or bronze sheets.
To make it softer, the foil is applied to a bread of hot pitch: it is then heated and left to cool slowly, thus obtaining the primitive elasticity of the metal.
Each chiseller makes his own tools, which are thus personal and unique, according to an archaic ritual that leads to the creation of objects of original and contemporary design.


the gold leaf process

In gold leaf processing, the metal is prepared by sandblasting, glue is applied to the metal and then a thin layer of gold is adhered by hand. At the end of the process, a layer of shellac and a transparent varnish is applied to the surface to polish and provide additional protection. Watching our craftsmen at work is like witnessing a spell: in a few minutes, as in an alchemist’s workshop, metal is transformed into gold…

The Passementerie

The ancient art of passementerie, whose origins are lost in the mists of time, has always been used in a wide variety of fields: from clothing to theatre, from decorations to furnishings.
Thanks to the care and skill of our craftsmen, it is now one of our pride and joy. Brilliant chains of crystals of Austrian origin and precious fabric cords are applied to our creations, giving an exquisite touch of elegance and refinement to lighting and furnishing accessories.


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