Marble: Different Types and How to Use It

by | Jan 2022

The history of marble began thousands of years ago, having always fascinated people with its varied appearance and solidity.

Its ever-changing striations and its many colours that vary according to the material in the rock, as well as its extreme strength, have made it the ideal material to support the magnificent temples and public buildings of the most ancient civilisations.

It later became the favourite material of sculptors, and is now also one of the most widely used materials for decorating indoor and outdoor environments: floors, kitchen tops, columns, cladding and, of course, lamps.


lampada da tavolo christine

Everything is in the marble, you just have to know how to draw it out.

Marquina Black Marble

Marquina Black marble is undoubtedly the most widely used black marble in the world, both for its aesthetics and its technical characteristics.

Quarried near the town of Marquina in the Basque Country, this type of marble is characterised by its black colour, taken from natural bitumen, and is traversed by white veins. The contrast between the depth of the black and the splendid white of the veining creates a striking effect.

Marquina black marble is used in many different applications: from classic floorings and coverings to interior decoration, such as furniture, bathrooms and kitchen tops.

Non Solo Luce has opted for this luxurious marble for the realisation of its Popigai coffee table.

Tavolino Popigai nero
Tavolo Sultana

Namibia White Marble

Namibian White marble, also called Rhino White, is a precious marble from central Africa.

This type of marble is characterised by a pure crystalline white colour, with light nuances that can go from white to light grey.

Because of its main characteristic, being so crystalline, Namibia White marble can have micro-fractures that are eliminated by the resin process.

Namibia White marble is particularly suitable to be used for interior decoration, from floors to wall and bathroom coverings.

Non Solo Luce has used this precious marble for the Sultana table, in the photo, giving it elegance and preciousness.

Guatemalan Green Marble

Green Guatemala is a marble of Indian origin, characterised by an intense dark green colour and veins that vary in colour, but are most often white.

Thanks to its properties, it lends itself very well to different types of finishing, which can vary depending on the final result to be obtained: for example polished, honed, brushed or flamed.

Other characteristics that make it particularly valuable and suitable for use in interior decoration are its innate lustre and the extreme ease with which it can be cleaned and cleansed.

The photo shows our Capucine lamp, for which we used Verde Guatemala marble for the sphere. 


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