Rules for Furnishing the Perfect Living Room

by | Oct 2022

The living room is the part of the home dedicated par excellence to relaxation, reading, conversation or receiving guests.

Increasingly the place where most of the hours spent at home are spent, its characteristics have evolved over time, as have the rules for furnishing it in the best possible way.

After carefully examining the dimensions of the room, taking into consideration the lighting points, overall dimensions and connections, we are finally ready to furnish it according to our taste and the most modern trends!

Follow us through the rules for furnishing the perfect living room!

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Key elements of any living room are the upholstered furniture, i.e. sofas and armchairs.

In the past, the upholstered part of the living room was considered the ‘conversation area’, the place where guests were received and evenings were spent preserving. For this reason, armchairs were often found next to the sofa, with a small table in the middle used to hold glasses or, for example, cigarettes and ashtrays.

Today, the situation has changed, for several reasons.

The first reason is a change in technology, with the advent of televisions and accessories. The second reason is space, which has shrunk, making it often difficult to find space even for armchairs.

The rule is simple: know your available space and identify the main function you want to use your living room for!



Lighting also plays a key role in the construction of a perfect living room, whether natural or from lamps.

It is in fact of fundamental importance to always be able to obtain. the perfect lighting at any time of day, both during the day and in the evening.

If you live in your living room during the day, it is important to consider the location and size of the windows, so as to allow light throughout the day.

In the evening, on the other hand, artificial lighting comes into play, and with it the prevailing function of the living room at that time: we will therefore look for soft lights that can be modulated and can guarantee the degree of comfort and relaxation required.

We can therefore place a table lamp on a coffee table next to the sofa or wall sconces on the sofa wall, so as to always have perfect and pleasant lighting.

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Matching Colours and Materials

Another aspect to be taken into consideration and emphasised is the combination of colours and materials, which is absolutely necessary to create an overall. attractive picture that makes us feel at ease in the room.

The situation has changed a lot compared to the past, where people preferred to use furniture of a similar colour and material, and also chose to coordinate other elements such as upholstery.

Today, as mentioned, people are inclined to be more daring and also leave room for strong contrasts between colours and materials. Bright tones can be combined with each other or with colours such as black and white; similarly, materials can create unusual combinations, with the use of natural stone or wood next to smoother, more polished surfaces.

The rule is only one: do not be afraid to dare, always being careful to maintain the balance between the different components!

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