Spring is coming: Let’s welcome it!

by | Feb 2022

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are getting warmer and it is becoming more and more pleasant to spend time outdoors. All this means only one thing: spring is coming!

We at Non Solo Luce have always been strongly attracted and fascinated by this season and the strong natural and symbolic charge that spring brings with it.

We have tried to convey our love for spring in all our works: from lamps to lanterns, from decorative objects to furnishing accessories.

Let’s welcome our favourite season together!

candelabro all'aperto

There is something about spring that cannot be expressed in words

Lady Hamilton

A spring sunset, a fresh evening breeze, a glass of wine, a good book and the gentle rocking of our Lady Hamilton swing – who wouldn’t want to spend their spring evenings like this?

Our Lady Hamilton swing, with its metal frame and precious velvet upholstery, is a lush explosion of colours and images: exotic plants and animals will make you daydream, immersed in the warm vibrations that only our Lady can provide.

“And just as seeds dream in the snow, your heart dreams of spring”.


lady hamilton
piccoli amici

Piccoli Amici

Nature is reclaiming its space and the meadows are once again full of small animals and insects.

Recovering the more playful and cheerful side of life, so well symbolised by spring: from this vision comes our precious collection of little animals in rhinestones, Bohemian crystal and a brass bar structure shaped by hand and then soldered, with a nickel and gold finish.

In order to create it, we have recovered the traditional techniques of craftsmanship to propose them in new solutions.
In this case, the brass bar of the structure is entirely worked and shaped by hand: each element is created by heating the bar and bending it until the desired shape is obtained and our little friends come to life.




The sun fills our room with light and a tender bird, perched on its perch and surrounded by leaves and daisies, greets us with its happy song.
Pills of happiness that only our Claude table lamp can provide.

The brass structure, the precious Bohemian crystal daisies and the topaz and crystal spheres make our Claude table lamp a work of art, capable of giving elegance and personality to any environment.

With just a little imagination you can hear the song of our little bird, ready to take flight and fill every room with happy notes.

“I saw happiness and saw that it was a bird on a branch, preparing to take flight.”

Lampada da tavolo Claude
Lampada a sospensione Brenda


Immersed in nature, with its leaves ready to come to life and its lampshades that seem to want to tell us a story, our Brenda chandelier takes on the connotations of a magical portal: going through it you arrive in a fairytale world, with an ancient and peaceful flavour.

The leaves and plates are made of brass plates, while the prisms are made of precious Bohemian crystal: in Brenda we put all our art and love for the most refined materials and workmanship.

The lampshades are made of toile de jouy fabric, beautifully decorated with richly detailed illustrations.
To look at our Brenda chandelier is to immerse oneself in another era…

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