Our Tips on Table Types and How to Use Them

by | Jul 2022

Tables and coffee tables have often been regarded as elements of furniture of lesser importance than others, preferring to focus only on their main functions rather than on their particularities and aesthetics.

This tendency has now changed and today interior design gives us a huge number of variants in terms of both models and shapes, but also in terms of the needs that each coffee table can fulfil.

Kitchen tables, dining tables, consoles, coffee tables with all their variants: each table responds to a different need and thanks to the use of original shapes and precious materials can become the protagonist of any environment in which it is placed.

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Dining Tables

The dining table is undoubtedly one of the most important pieces of furniture in the entire home due to the fundamental role it plays in the daily life of families.

Places designated to accommodate the dining table are the kitchen or the living room, depending on the furniture choices made when designing the home and the size and shape of the table itself.

Square or rectangular dining tables are generally the most commonly used in the kitchen in the classic 4-leg version, while round or oval tables are increasingly used in living room furniture.

A round dining table is not only less cluttered than a round or square table so that it can be placed anywhere in the room, but it is also more aesthetically pleasing due to the absence of edges and is also more effective in creating a balance of distances between different diners.


Console Tables

The console table is usually the great protagonist of any self-respecting entrance hall thanks to its ability to combine aesthetics and functionality

The console table is a furnishing element that is suitable for any size of entrance (from narrow corridors to open spaces) and that lends itself well to decoration.

In fact, the console makes it possible to place on its top a practical and easily accessible emptier where we can store all our objects and, at the same time, its size allows us to place a table lamp or other decorative objects should we decide to light the entrance with a different type of lamp.

And what about aesthetics? Just look at the photo of our Shanghai console to understand how even this piece of furniture can easily become the recipient of admiring glances from our guests.

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Coffee Tables

Coffee tables have now become indispensable elements of every living room, thanks to their usefulness as table tops (where you can otherwise put remote controls, books, magazines, drinks) and the thousands of furnishing options they can provide.

Let us first begin by distinguishing between the two main types of coffee tables: center tables and side tables.

Low coffee tables are usually placed in front of seats (sofas, armchairs) and are mainly used to place a variety of objects and to create a point of furniture with plants or magazines.

Side tables, on the other hand, are usually placed to the side of the sofa and are characterised by a greater height than low tables and a smaller size. They are often used as a place to place a lamp, for example, so as to create a light point next to the sofa.

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