The Perfect Pendant Lamp for Every Room

by | Aug 2021

Not only do pendant lamps decorate and illuminate a room, but they also play an important role in filling space and creating dynamism!

Today we present 4 types of pendant lamps, each of which fits beautifully in a room or environment. From the living room to the bedroom, from the dining room to an outdoor environment, pendant lamps are the undisputed queens of lighting!

lampada a sospensione emily

Decorating is the art of arranging beautiful things in a comfortable way

Una Lampada per Ogni Stanza

Living room

The living room is often the soul of the house, the most frequented room where people spend most of their time, alone or in company.

For a living room furnished in a classic style we suggest choosing a refined, elegant hanging lamp, with precious elements such as crystals and glass.

This type of lamp is not only suitable for a classic style, but can also create an elegant contrast when combined with a more modern style of furniture.

The photo shows our Paris hanging lamp, with its metal frame, hand-cut crystal column, Murano glass arms and Bohemian crystal octagons.

Lampada a sospensione Paris
Lampada a sospensione Vienna

Dining Room

It can be said that the choice of a pendant lamp is one of the most important decisions to make when furnishing a room, as its presence sets the tone for the whole room.

The dining room is no exception!

Have you chosen an industrial style kitchen? Look for a metal pendant lamp that matches the rest of your interior.

Want to add a touch of exoticism? Follow the latest trends and choose a pendant lamp made of natural fibres. Place it above the dining table and play with the heights – your guests will be enchanted!

The photo shows our Vienna pendant lamp, characterised by the use of Vienna straw.


The bedroom also requires careful study of the lighting, which must be able to provide both full light and more subdued light when you want to relax or just before falling asleep.

Traditional elements of bedroom lighting are the pendant lamp in the centre of the room and two table lamps or wall lights on either side of the bed.

However, the latest trends are overturning these principles: why not place two pendant lamps on either side of the bed instead of the classic table lamps or wall lights? This opens up a whole new world of new solutions and possible furnishing scenarios!

In the photo our Oval hanging lamp, in brass and white satin glass.

Lampada a sospensione Oval
Lampada a sospensione Sophie

External Ambience

Rarely in the past have pendant lamps been associated with outdoor lighting such as verandas, covered terraces or small porches.

However, the latest trends see pendant lamps becoming the protagonists of these environments as well, often combined with more canonically used light sources such as table lamps, lanterns and floor lamps.

For your outdoor environment we suggest our Brad pendant lamp, in brass and Bohemian crystal. Its shape, reminiscent of a lantern, and its decorative floral elements are perfectly suited to an outdoor setting.

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